Hello my lovelies! I decided to create this blog as a way to have a platform where I could share my thoughts, and possibly encourage a positive change. Aside from blogging, I’m a full-time college student, a wife, and mom to a grumpy(but very cute) cat. As a California resident, my spare time is usually spent at either the beach, or Disneyland. As I am currently enrolled in college full-time, you can expect a blog post one or two times a week and more during summer and winter breaks. Although I married my wonderful husband at a young age(21), we are still kids at heart.



The picture above is of my husband and I on the day we got married❤
I pray that as we get older we can look back onto this blog and see how much we have grown. In this blog, you will find our journey as a young married couple, as well as other lifestyle, fashion, and travel posts.



Here is a picture of Max, our cat who thinks his name is Kitty (because he never responds to Max). He is our little fur-baby❤
Can you even resist those eyes? He’s adorable! And yes, he thought I was holding food.

And those are my biggest blessings.
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