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Top 5 – Fall Time

We all know the feeling when you see that very first orange leaf fall to the ground. That feeling when Starbucks announces the long awaited return of their pumpkin spice latte. That feeling that brings warmth and cozy vibes.

It is very simple really, fall is the best time. It’s a transition time, because with that first fallen leaf, you know all the great things that are to come.

Here are the top 5 reasons that make fall the best time.


  1. All the Best Shows Return for a New Season


Yes, it is true. Get ready for long cozy nights of Netflix binging, snacks and drinking your fall beverage of choice.

For me this means cuddling with my husband underneath a cozy blanket and binging on the new season of Stranger Things coming in October.


  1. It is an opportunity to change up your decorations


You know nothing says fall more than pumpkins and orange decor. Yes, this includes the Target dollar section which gives you incredibly affordable fall pieces to add to the home. This is perfect for the broke college student such as myself, or anyone who loves saving money(hopefully everyone).

My second store of choice is HomeGoods, which I believe speaks for itself. Who doesn’t love HomeGoods?!


  1. The Food and Drinks


As a huge foodie, I approve of the “basic” trendy fall food and drinks. I am not ashamed to say I enjoy a PSL from Starbucks, as well as anything and everything pumpkin.

As a Mexican woman I grew up eating pumpkin empanadas and they are THE BEST. No exaggeration, they beat all the other pumpkin treats out there. Everyone must have them at least once.


  1.  Changes


This transition of summer into fall means all your favorite places will soon begin to change their decor and activities. Pumpkin patches are coming, soon hot chocolate will be on every menu. Yum!

My top favorite change is the decoration changes in Disneyland. My husband proposed to me during the fall season at Disneyland and it holds a dear place in my heart. Seeing them transition Mickey into a pumpkin is a sight I truly cannot wait for.

5. Fall Clothes

Yeah sure, dresses, rompers, shorts, they’re all great. But fall is the time to finally be warm and comfy! The best part of this is that  fall time allows us to still look put together while rocking leggings.

It suddenly becomes so easy to get ready in the morning when all you need is a variation of your favorite staple pieces. Cute boots, leggings, oversized tee, leather jacket, and a cute hat will make you look effortlessly put together and best of all, COMFY!


I could list so many more things, but overall these are MY top 5.

Comment below what is YOUR favorite thing about the fall season. 🙂


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