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3 Things Women Should Practice

Learning to love yourself is a battle I know all too well. I’ve decided to post my thoughts on the subject because I’ve seen countless women going through the same never-ending struggle.

Sure, the media contributes to this by posting images of women who are to be idealized as perfection.

But the problem is, we already know these images are photoshopped, we are fully aware of the time and effort put into a photo in order to achieve this image of unattainable perfection. 

So, if we already know this, why do we STILL choose to compare ourselves to images we know aren’t even real? 

As I continue to bring more and more content into my blog, I want to make one thing very clear. I am not perfect, nor will I ever pretend to be. Any photographs of myself are more than likely enhanced or contain some sort of filter from my VSCO app. 

Yesterday, as I had my husband photograph me to post onto my social media, we took about 50 pictures in order to get one good one. After that, I edited it to fit the aesthetic of my page and that simply got me thinking about all the other women doing the exact same thing. 

So many of us do just that, don’t we? We take multiple photos in the attempt to get one good one, we edit it, and finally, we make sure it is cohesive with our Instagram feed before ever posting. 

All of that because we have this idea in our heads that we must attain the level of beauty we saw on a celebrity or on social media. 

A standard of beauty that doesn’t come without enhancements, eyelash extensions, fillers, and finally, a fix up on Facetune(a face editing app) in order to remove that pimple or those pores that the world just can’t know we have. 

Because how crazy would it be to show the world that yes, we are human. 

In times like these, when social media is more of a job than an outlet to stay connected with friends, women need to empower one another. 

To post more images of the true “I woke up like this” and show another side of beauty that this generation and the next can be inspired by.

As I write this, it reminds me of my years in middle school. You remember the days? When wearing Hollister and Aeropostle was trendy. When we thought we were so cool owning a Zune or an iPod shuffle. 

I remember going to Walgreens with my mom one day when the Seventeen magazine caught my eye. This was where comparison started in my time, from the magazines at the checkout line. 

Now imagine this generation, with free time and iPhones with every social media outlet at their disposure. If you drive by a middle school nowadays you can easily confuse them for high schoolers. 

They look ahead of their years due to their early exposure to society’s ideology of beauty.

Because of this, I want to challenge my readers to practice these three very simple things. 

1. Leave a kind comment under someone’s selfie. Doesn’t matter which social media site. The purpose of this is to practice seeing others with new eyes. Instead of instantly comparing or looking for flaws, love on others and compliment them. 

2. Think of the future generations. We want to create a world of people with hope and ambitions. So why not use social media as a way to empower someone on whatever journey they are on?

3. Post a filter-free selfie. Sometimes we think we can’t possibly make a difference in this world. That something so minuscule can’t make an impact. But in the end, even if you influence and empower ONE person, then isn’t it worth a try? 


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