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So you’ve found me on social media or stumbled upon this little blog of mine. You want to know, who is this this girl? Why does she willingly spend so much time writing and taking pictures? Well, hopefully this page will clear up any questions.

My Life in Summary


My name is Lily, & I was born in Mexico. Spanish is my first language and at the age of 4 my parents decided to move and trade our life in Mexico for a new life in San Diego, California.


Since then I have grown in admiration of Southern California beaches, Disneyland, and mountain views. Unfortunately, because of the high living cost, my parents decided to move to San Antonio, Texas during my teen years. Living in Texas was an unhappy time for us, being far from family and missing our west coast life.


My parents had decided we would move back to San Diego once I graduated High School. So of course, I was ecstatic. During that final year, I met a guy named Alex at the cafeteria lunch line. How could I ever forget? It was enchilada Wednesday, my favorite out of the schools prison-like “whole food” meals.


Any-who, I ended up falling in love with the guy, knowing I would be moving away. Go figure. Turns out he really loved me too because after we had done the whole long distance thing for a year-he was in a University in Texas, I was in California- he decided to leave it all behind to come live with me in California.


Fast-forward 4 years, Alex is my husband & we have a cat named Max & a dog named Oliver -our two little fur-babies. Now that I’m in my early 20’s, I realized I had a huge drive to make a change. I’m not sure how, or exactly what I want to do with this drive, I just know I want to create some sort of impact in the lives of others.


One morning I simply woke up & felt that I needed to make this blog. My hope is that this blog speaks to whoever it needs to speak to. That my words create some sort of impact for someone out there. While this is a lifestyle blog, where I allow my creativity to flow, I also share real people problems and what I learn throughout my 20’s.


Alright Babes! I hope that answers any questions you may have. If not, you can message me on any of my socials that I’ve linked below. Feel free to join the squad & sign up for my newsletter so you’re notified whenever I post.


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