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Isla Mujeres Travel Guide – For Introverts

Isla Mujeres, a true tropical paradise and escape from the busy, chaotic world outside it’s perimeters. After a hectic year filled with midterms, finals, homework, work, as well as being a cat mom and a wife, the last thing I wanted was to be surrounded by the party atmosphere you are prone to find in popular cities such as Cancun. In Isla Mujeres, a small island just a short ferry ride from Cancun, I found the peace and serenity I had been craving.

Underneath the palm trees, and by the Caribbean waves, I found my escape from the stresses and responsibilities of city life. Isla Mujeres is truly everything you can expect from island-life and more. The laid-back feel of this island warmly embraces you upon arrival with it’s clear waters, margaritas, and the various golf carts driving around the island. 

If you are contemplating visiting the small, but inviting island of Isla Mujeres, my how-to guide of this island is perfect for introverts looking for a serene escape from their daily lives or anyone wanting to get a taste of what island life has to offer.

  1. Location

How do you get to Isla Mujeres? 

Isla Mujeres is located in Mexico with its nearest airport located in Cancun, Quintana Roo. Upon arrival you will need transportation to the nearest ferry port, which will allow you to purchase the tickets necessary to travel by ferry unto the island. These boats come and go about every 30 minutes. This in itself is a relaxing adventure. This roughly 20-minute trip, will sail you across one of the most colorful waters, a blend of clear, turquoise, and dark blue shades.   

2. What To Do?

If tourist attractions and adventure what you are looking for then this island has all of that and more! Zip lining, scuba diving, underwater museums, swimming with dolphins, you name it! But, of course, for the more introverted, margaritas by the beach, type of traveler such as myself, Isla Mujeres is pure perfection. 

My husband and I opted for a hotel located in Playa Norte which is in the north  side of the island and has the best views! The hotel you choose is VERY important. This will determine your accessibility to the beach and the money and time you will save buying food and drinks. Our hotel had a private beach meaning it was never crowded, always clean, and kept the drinks coming! 

Although waking up to the sound of waves is a blessing in itself, when the need to explore arises, this small island town has plenty to see! You have three choices when it comes to transportation, you can walk (you will sweat), you can rent a golf cart, or you can rent a mo-ped. The most popular option you will quickly notice is the golf cart. I mean, how cool is that?

My husband and I discovered this lovely breakfast/lunch spot with the most delicious food and I highly recommend you check out called, Lola Valentina (pictured above). As a serious foodie, Isla Mujeres is abundantly filled with trendy restaurants, instagrammable foods, and authentic cuisine. If you wish to treat someone, ask your hotel if they offer any romantic dinner by the beach packages. My husband did this, and we enjoyed this delicious dinner right in front of the most beautiful waters I’ve ever seen. A true blessing.  


3. Enjoy

Once here, you will never want to return back home. Enjoy the treasure of travel, take a moment to enjoy the sights. As a college student, my mind revolves around due dates. Often times, life clutters our minds with pointless worry. If you are fortunate enough to come to Isla Mujeres, remember to take a minute and enjoy the colors of the water, snap pictures, and hear the serene sounds underneath the palm trees. 


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