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What One Year Of Marriage As A 22 Year Old Has Taught Me

This is my husband, Alex. We met in high school when we lived in San Antonio, Texas. After I graduated, my family decided to move back to California. So, for those next few months we were in a long-distance relationship until he decided to leave the University he was attending in Texas to come be with me. Oh, young love. Am I right? ♡

I remember how skeptical I was at the idea of marriage. The fear of change and the fear that being married would mean he would stop trying-I was wrong. Now, one year later, I can honestly say I’ve learned quite a few things. So here are the top 5 things I have learned within our first year as a young married couple.

  1. Don’t forget to keep dating

It will be easy to find comfort in the living room, cuddling, and re-watching episodes of The Office on Netflix. But, do not forget to go out every now and again, and plan a date night/day.

This can mean a walk on the beach, wine-tasting, or even a traditional date such as dinner and a movie. It does not need to be expensive, but dating is important and keeps the fun in the relationship.

  1. Do not let others opinions influence your own

No matter how old you are, other people will always try and add their input. We have people encouraging us to have kids, and others encouraging us to finish school.

Although they may have good intentions, remember that this is YOUR life. Always make decisions based on what will work the best for your life and not someone else.

  1. Establish your foundation

Out of everything I’ve learned, this is the most important. Your foundation is what you can remind yourself at the end of any fight, bad day, or misunderstanding. Our faith is our foundation.

For us, if we find ourselves struggling to communicate, we pray. This helps bring things into perspective for us. Make sure you establish your foundation, because rest assured, every day will not be perfect.

  1. Learn how the other communicates

Men are completely different creatures. They don’t analyze like women do, in fact, their minds are simple. Truly, what they say out loud reciprocates what they think. Women’s minds think and think and even those thoughts form nuances.

So when you argue with your significant other, consider their perspective. Recognize the fact that your argument is not being received the way you intend it to and find a way to explain in a way that your message comes across correctly.

  1. Patience is essential

There will be times when your significant other will completely irritate you. Theres no way around this, it happens when you live with another person for a long time. Unfortunately for me, I am borderline OCD.

I am a control freak who likes things arranged a certain way, and need a clean space at all times. My husband on the other hand, can leave a trail of clothes on the floor and feel nothing. So yes, most of our bickering revolves around cleanliness.

Although I am still working on this one, I have recognized that a messy room is not the end of the world. Sometimes it is better to just take a step back, drink a glass of wine, grab a good book, and relax.

Alright my lovelies, those are the things I learned in my first year of marriage at 22 years old. Hopefully some of this helps anyone going through their first year of marriage or anyone in a relationship.

I would like to disclaim, I am not a professional in any way. I am not a licensed marriage counselor or anything like that, these are simply the things that I personally have learned in my first year as a married woman. Marriage is a journey and I feel blessed that I get to enjoy the rest of my life with my best friend.

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